The Bacon Mansion..

Welcome to our house. We hope that you enjoy your stay in Seattle. Please take a minute to read the items below to insure a more comfortable visit to the Bacon Mansion.

Breakfast: Remember that coffee and tea are available at 7:30 am and breakfast is served between 8:30 and 9:30 am. If you know you will not be taking breakfast, please let us know. If you decide to sleep in without telling us, don't worry about it -- remember you're on vacation!

What if I need something?

Our goal is to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Should you require something for your room, please do not hesitate to ask us! We would be happy to supply you with:

Ice Additional Glasses

Blankets Phone Games Directions

Dinner Suggestions Books

Phone: If you do not have a cell phone and need to use the phone, just ask as I have one you can use that is not the business line.

Smoking: Smoking is permitted only on the outside porches or patios, please. Doors and windows should be closed to house if you are standing near or under them.

Heaters and Fans: For purposes of fire safety please do not leave the heaters and fans turned on when you are not in the room.

Guests: Please be prepared to meet any of your own guests at the door or ask one of us if we will be available to get the door at a specific time. Also, please escort your guest to the door when they leave.

Eating In: You are welcome to bring back take out or use the microwave. Dishes off the dining room table are fine to use, I will replace them in the morning. Place dishes inside the butler's pantry on the counter or in sink. Please to not eat in or on bed.


In case of FIRE: Leave your room immediately, closing all doors behind you. Proceed down the main stairwell or the service stairwell to the ground floor and exit through either the front door guest exit/entrance at the end of the hallway or back patio door in the living room by the piano or the door in foyer next to check in desk. There is also an exit through the marked door at the bottom of the service stairwell one floor below main floor"basement". (Use this exit only if other paths are not accessible.) Please meet across Broadway in front of the big brick and stucco house at 954 Broadway E. We will then determine who might still be inside.

Do not waste time evacuating the building and do not gather your belongings; either our house insurance or your insurance will cover your belongings. Close but no not lock all doors behind you.


Call 911 and then if you can immediately contact us. Someone will need to let the emergency personnel in the front door: otherwise they will break the door down. Tell them which room you are in and which floor.


We in Seattle are very proud of our recycle rate and, here at the Bacon Mansion, we do as much recycling as we can. In order to assist us in this effort we ask that you place used newspapers, brochures and bottles (no lids) in the special blue RECYCLE can in your room. We will be in every day to empty your trash and recyclables as well as clean and make up your room.

Also, please do not put any trash in the non trash dumpsters behind the screen or in my organic waste cans. The trash goes in the dumpster closest to the curb only. Recyclables are the next three and no longer need to be sorted and the last can is organic waste including soiled food containers and food. We prefer that you just give it to us and we will take care of it.

With your help, we can do an even better job.

The Bacon Mansion

The following information is purely for your reading pleasure. We have briefly described each room and also included an abbreviated history of the Bacon Mansion.

The Rose Room

The Rose Room, located on the second floor of the house, was believed to be the former maid's bedroom. However, the room's proximity to the master suite would indicate it was probably the original nursery.

When the current owners bought the house, the "maid's bedroom" was nothing more than a large laundry room with a linen closet. During the 1993 renovations, the closet was removed to make an alcove for the bed. The laundry facilities were exchanged for a sink and water closet.

The shower was added by converting an unused area of the Capitol Suite bathroom. Originally, there existed a solid wood door where the glass shower door is today. 1994 renovations for the Rose Room included the removal of the wall opposite the shower to expand the bedroom area and accommodate more seating.

The Clipper Room

Located directly above the Library, the Clipper Room is located in a portion of the house that was not burned by the fire of the mid-1980s. However, during the post-fire renovations, the lathe and plaster walls were re-insulated and replaced. Originally called the "Queen Anne" room, the room was named for one of Seattle's original seven hills.

Behind the shower (which was added during the renovations), there exists a brick chimney. When the shower was remodeled we confirmed that there was no fireplace or stove in the room originally. It seems likely then that the extra chimney flue was for a boiler in the basement.

Two additional changes were made to the Clipper Room at some time in the mid-1980s. The bathroom was added in the closet and the bedroom door was moved three feet, making it flush with the hallway. This created a small vestibule for the bedroom.

During the 1993 renovations, the wallpaper and chair rail was added and the bathroom floor was tiled. The shower was tiled in 1995.

The Venetian Room

This large bedroom is one of the original bedrooms. The room was formerly called the Magnolia Room for its view of the Magnolia tree located on the Southeastern corner of the property; the tree blooms in April. The room was not named after the tree, but after one of Seattle's original seven hills.

As far as the owners know, the bathtub and water closet are original with changes made to the faucets and plumbing. However, the bathroom was not accessible directly from the bedroom; the bathroom's only entrance was through the hallway, which is now part or the Rose Room.

During the 1993 renovations the wallpaper and chair rail were added. The bathroom floor was retiled and the room was repainted in 1995 and 2004. Anticipated changes to the Venetian Room include bathroom wainscot, and cove molding

The Capitol Suite

This suite was originally two rooms. The smaller room was located in the area around the fireplace as a sitting room, at the north end of the suite. The house's original safe can still be found in the added walk-in closet wall.

The bathroom is original with the exception of a linen closet, which was eliminated when the Rose Room shower was added and the tile around the tub was replaced. The "Sun Room" is original although the wet-bar was added during the renovations of the 1980s. The French doors separating the bedroom from the Sun Room are also original; they survived the great fire but were acid washed to remove the smoke damage.

The Capitol Suite (named after one of Seattle's original seven hills) still carries the name given it by The Bacon Mansion's previous owner.

The pocket door to the suite is also original and survived the great fire. It was converted to a swing door in 1998 because we couldn't find any replacement hardware for the rollers, which had developed flat spots. The locked door located in the w