Bacon Mansion Bed and Breakfast - Seattle, WA, 98102, United States
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The Bacon Mansion, a Seattle bed and breakfast, is located on Capitol Hill, close to Seattle's renowned Broadway District, Volunteer Park and the Conservatory and Water Tower, the University of Washington Arboretum and Japanese Gardens, Cornish Institute, Virginia Mason and Swedish Hospitals, and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Travel to downtown and the University District takes only a few minutes.

Our Address is 959 Broadway E., Seattle, WA  98102

206-329-1864, 800-240-1864, or text at 206-650-6310

My directions below may differ from GPS or a Map Request

DIRECTIONS: From Northbound I-5 coming from SeaTac

Take Exit 166 - Olive Way, at the fifth stop light take a left on Broadway East - go through the business district (about 5 blocks). At the end of the business district Broadway East veers off to the right and turns into 10th Avenue East. Go 2 more blocks and take a left on East Prospect, go one block and we are on the SW corner of Broadway East and East Prospect. If you miss Exit 166, take Exit 168 A (Lakeview Blvd)(I use this one as it is faster but doesn't introduce you to the Shopping District). Turn right at stop sign onto Lakeview Blvd E., at next stop sign at Belmont Pl. E. turn left up the hill, in about 1/4 of a mile it will turn you left onto E. Roy St, just before stoplight (Theater on your Right) turn left onto Broadway E. Go two blocks and we are on the SW corner of Broadway East and East Prospect.

DIRECTIONS: (From I-90 westbound, take I-5 north & follow directions above)

DIRECTIONS: (From I-5 Southbound) (From Vancouver, BC)

Take exit 168 A-Roanoke Street. At the light take a left onto East Roanoke, go 2 more lights and take a right on 10th Avenue East and follow it up the hill. At the top of the hill on the right-hand side you will see a large cathedral, go 2 more blocks and take a right on East Prospect, go one block and we are on the SW corner of Broadway East and East Prospect.

DIRECTIONS: (From SR-520 Westbound) a Toll Bridge over Lake Washington

Take the Roanoke Street exit at the very end of the freeway and take a right onto East Roanoke and follow directions for I-5 southbound above.

DIRECTIONS: (From downtown)

Take James, Madison or Denny Way or Olive Way away from downtown or East and take a left on Broadway or Broadway East. Broadway automatically turns into Broadway East at Denny Way and the numbers start over again at 100. Follow instructions for Northbound I-5 from here.(the Olive Way ones after you turn on Broadway E.)

DIRECTIONS: (From Sea-Tac Airport via public transportation)

Easy Low Cost Option: Light Rail from the airport is open and running all the way from the SeaTac Airport to downtown in the light rail/bus tunnel.  STARTING IN March 2016 THE CAPITOL HILL STATION OPENS AND IS BUT 7 BLOCKS SOUTH OF US AT BROADWAY E AND E. JOHN AN EASY FLAT WALK JUST GO NORTH 5 BLOCKS AND VEER LEFTISH AT E ROY AND GO 2 MORE BLOCKS. THE 49 BUS WILL STOP AT STATION AND BRING YOU TO 10TH AVE E AND E PROSPECT IF YOU WANT TO WAIT FOR IT.  Follow instructions at airport, taking the bridge from upper level of terminal over and through to the north end of parking garage. The fare is $2.75. There are fare card machines and it is the honor system to run the card through and fine is stiff. You can charge more on the ORCA transit card that is sold at the Airport and Westlake Station to use for the rest of your stay or be added on later at a fare machine. You will exit the light rail at Westlake Station and it is at 3rd and 4th under Pine St. Take the escalator up and look for 4th and Pike one block southeast to transfer to the number 49 on the corner on Pike St. and across 4th from Ben Bridge. Pike St. is one block south of Pine St., anyone should be able to point you in the right direction. Once on the 49 (University District via Broadway) it will come up to Capitol Hill. At the end of the Broadway E. business district it will veer right onto 10th Ave. E. then a light at Aloha and your stop in one more block at 10th Ave. E. and E. Prospect. Not more than 15 minutes. Exit bus, cross 10th. Ave E and walk one block and we are on the SW corner of Broadway E. and E. Prospect. I can see the stop from my kitchen window. Fare during peak is $2.50, Non Peak $2.25. Make sure you get a transfer when you pay the driver when entering the bus as it will be good for an additional 2 hours and can be used to return downtown or wherever you may want to go though an ORCA card keeps track of transfers and you will not have to pay a second fare on the bus with the ORCA card..


If you prefer to make you transportation arrangement before arrival, I recommend that you call or email the following for a professional pickup at the airport or the mansion. If you would like, we will do it for you upon your request. We will need your flight number and arrival time. Also, they will need your cell phone number.
United Transportation at 206-349-6869

You will be speaking with Brooke, who if he can't directly take care of you, will have one of his other drivers pick you up. Airport Taxi service can be spotty, as they often have a tough time finding us and many have switched to natural gas so half their trunk is now filled with the tank limiting luggage room. Also the town car rate will be slightly less than airport taxi. Current rate is $45 but subject to change (gas$), so reconfirm when reserving and let them know that you were referred by us for the special rate. REALLY THE BEST DEAL, I USE THEM MYSELF AND SO DO MANY OF MY FRIENDS. Better deal than a airport taxi.

You May text us now at 206-650-6310 if you have an immediate question.